Vista what?


My brother asked me the other day about a computer that he wanted to buy. It was crap, that’s all I remember, but what I do remember is that I gave him the link to a website where I know that they have good deals, and pointed at what it seemed to be the best system for his budget. He only had like 500 – 700 hundred to spend, so it wasn’t that much anyways, but these days computers are somewhat difficult to buy.

New technology comes up every couple of months, leaving behind lots of options for users and versions that are discontinued faster than ever. The only question he had at this point though was not about processors or sound cards, it was about the OS. He insisted in getting Windows XP, I in turn wanted him to get Vista, you know since its new and it will last longer (in terms of support) and after much deliberation, he bought it with Vista preinstalled and after three weeks of wait, it finally arrived.

He installed all his programs and games, but to this point he has not been able to play Age Of Empires 3 and Battlefield, its very frustrating because one of the main reasons of getting that new computer was to do something besides using MSN and Itunes.  I think that if you haven’t bought Vista you should wait, at least another 6 months, so that the developers get a chance to actually fix those bugs and glitches that are not only in games but I’m sure that in complex programs too. What do you think?


~ por dunkelarts en marzo 21, 2007.

Una respuesta to “Vista what?”

  1. Given your interest in computers, I’d love to have you respond to an essay entitled, “Why I’m Not Going to Buy a Computer” by Wendell Berry – summarized on my blogsite – “Necessary Therapy”.


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